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Let us present ourselves.

We are a clan dedicated to Counter-strike: Source (CSS). Our clan hosts a variety of game servers for the gamer community to enjoy. The clan consists of administators and clan members (candidates to become administrators), whos main concern is the constant upkeep of good game spirit on the servers. Good game spirit is achived by a smooth, lag free, cheater free and thatannoyingprick free gameplay, leaving us with enthusiastic and friendly players to enjoy the game with.
The clan was founded in summer 2009 and has since then been offering quality gaming experience to seasoned veterans, the avarage player and the newcomers. It is important to keep in mind that we are a community oriented clan, we do not play in tournaments or professional matches. Insted we are building a friendly and helpful community for those who just wish to jump into the game and have a good time. A fan group on Steam is there for those who wish to show that they appriciate our servers and effort that we put into it and receive notifications about changes, events or winners of out monthly comepetition. And of course the ability to use our Blood-Friend clan tag (optional).
For those of you who are even more interested in our clan, would like to get to know us better, wish to join us, have a technical issue with the servers, wish to report a situation, cheater or an annoying player, suggest improvements for our server or just stop by and say hi, you are very welcome to do so at our forum.

Thank you for your interest, some of our members would like to say something to you:

Hey dudes and dudettes,
My name is Mark, also known as LordMarqus, TrollMarqus or just "amazing Marqus". Few years ago when I was young and stupid, me and couple of my friends started a little project called "+BloodLords+". I commited a significant amount of time to get it runnin' and today I'm a proud founder of this great community. Many thanks to everybody who makes +BloodLords+ a nice place to stay and relax.
As for today I'm 23 years old and live in Poland. A computer nerd, by education and passion. I like good computer games, good music, good movies, good... All sort of good stuff, you could probably ask me in private about it. But please don't :D . I'm not so often available on Steam lately so your jabbering will drive me crazy and make me chop your head off. Kidding, if you have a question, ask away. You can find the contact info on this website. If you can do it then your IQ should suffice to start a conversation with me. Joke. Haha, not funny, I know.

"Hi, if you have any questions what so ever about the clan, please feel free to add me on steam and ask, I'm one of the clan leaders here and am responsible for, amongs other things, our newcomers and generaly being the sosial connection between us and the players. I love single player RPGs (not more than CSS ofc) and FruityLoops. I spend most of my time on our TeamPlay server becasue I think its the most fun, come join me for a game? .....Long live hardstyle. Spesi"

I'm high5, not nearly as high or 5 as you might think. I'm 27 years old and live in Sweden. Im an old-school gamer and have been playing counter-strike since early beta.
Mostly no one will notice this due to my bad scores, but i make up for it by.. uh.. damn, okey I don't really make up for it.. but that doesn't really matter.
I love a good game whoever wins it.
Gun game classic is my first hand choice but i will play where the action is taking place.
When not playing css I mostly make masks, draw stuff and play old computer and videogames. I'm an educated propmaker and have built lots of stuff for music videos and movies.
Sometimes I'm friendly on the server but as soon as any of you mother crackers don't speak english in the chat or more importantly in the voice-chat, I'll do things to you that will make your brain turn inside-out.. and probably will get me kicked out of the clan for admin abuse.. *rocket love*
I have no respect for the status-thing in steam, so sometimes it looks like im there when i'm not, and sometimes im there when it looks like i'm away.. and if I hate you im probably harder to get a hold of..
But when that big mean boy is giving you a hard time on the server, write me and I'll come in and slap him around for you as fast as I can..

Hey everyone,
My name is Hans, in game i go by RIP King Arthur
Would love to help anyone with questions about our servers, wishing to just chat up or need me to mute/kick/ban cheaters and such.
I'm happy to welcome you all to the clan, or as clan friends.
I've got a huge interrest in real life pistols and guns (going to a shooting range often) im 20 years old, handsome as hell and believe it or not: single and straight (sorry kaisy). If u wanna know anything else from me feel free to ask. In game I like playing both gungame and teamplay on bloodlords servers depending on the mood I'm in.
Be warned however I do really not appreciate people talking anything but english (see also the server rules)

Hi, I'm JUHU (don't pronounce it jew hu, or i kill you!).I'm one of the many admins on the Bloodlords servers.
When it comes to non English speaking or writing on the servers, i can be a tad lenient, or not, depending on the situation at hand, so watch yourself.
Most of the time I'm friendly, when I'm not, there's probably a reason for it.
The only thing bigger than my skill is my ego. If i don't win i normally get frustrated, though i tend not to show my frustration on the servers, its still there, trust me.
Mostly i play on the Teamplay server, though as of late, I've found that the GunGame servers once again caught my eye. I also like to play on a certain hs/deagle only server, needless to say, if you were to require the ip i could be persuaded to give it to you
I'm not really a dog or cat person (like some people who's names shall not be named).
I do not tolerate racism.
Oh, and oh yes, in real life i suck, but that's not really that important cause css is what i live for (at the moment), Bloodlords has been like a second home for me, over the millennia of my life i have not yet experienced better hospitality, accommodation and a better looking clan tag, than here. From time to time i enjoy playing poker with my friends and imaginary roommates.
If you want to wank with me on steam chat, just add me (please let it be a woman, pleeeease)
Any other information that has been withheld from you is at this time to of no relevance.

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