+BloodLords+ Clan Site

Admin requests

Hello. If you want to become an admin, remember about few basic requirements, which are:

  • being a clan member for some time (Clan membership)

  • very good opinions about you from other members, we give admin rights only for people we trust

  • minimum 100h playing on our servers or minimum 100 GunGame wins

  • minimum 500h Counter-Strike: Source played on Steam account

  • minimum 1.0 KDR to ensure that your skills are good enough for judging other players in an objective way

  • activity on the clan forum

  • readiness to carry out tasks from senior admins

  • donating four times a year of at least 5€

In case you meet those requirements, you can ask in your clan membership topic about getting admin rights. But do not bore us with it. We really do not like this and it will decrease your chances to get a promotion. Remember that you can help us with the server in many ways and we will remember about that when you will ask for admin rights on the server. So, be useful and you will be rewarded!

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