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Become a member

Hello. Before you will try to apply for a clan membership, you have to remember about minimum requirements. We have created them to ensure that you are an exact type of player we are looking for. Things we require from a potential member:

  • minimum 50 wins on GunGame servers or 40h playing time on TeamPlay server

  • minimum 300h Counter-Strike: Source played on Steam account

  • decent skills and behaviour on the servers (no camping, not too much swearing, rtv-ing...)

  • knowledge of written English language (spoken is very welcome) to understand  and communicate with other clan members

  • setting your Steam profile visibility for all or for friends only

  • adding all clan members to your friends list

  • installing Mumble voice chat software from here

  • donate to us of at least 5€ here after approval

If you fulfil all those points, it's time to register on forum, wait for account activation and create your clan membership topic here CLICK. You have to name your topic with the nickname you use playing on our server. It will help us to recognize you. In your request topic you should enclose:

  • your real name and age

  • country you come from

  • your SteamID and Steam name (your Steam login, then we can add you to Steam friends)

  • nickname you would like to use on the server after approval

  • other information, which can help to introduce you better (:

We will review your request and give you an answer as soon as possible in your topic (remember to watch it often). Don't rush us, it won't help. 

After becoming a clan member you have to remember about a few rules:

  • use nickname in format +nickname+ and set [BlooD] clantag from +BloodLords+ Clan Steam group

  • play regular on our servers and be active on forum

  • announce on forum about longer inactivity (2 weeks or more)

  • you will be dropped from clan after 30 days of unannounced inactivity

  • donate to us of at least 5€ twice a year during your membership


    All clan members have access to reserved slot and server immunities (same as donators). This is also first step to become an admin. We will be proud to have more skilled and nice people in our community. Good luck and have fun on our servers!

    We reserve the right to omit some of these rules for specific players. We may also ignore applications which don't meet minimum requirements or badly written request topics.

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