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Thanks for your interest in donating!

+BloodLords+ relies on a community support. To keep everything running fine we need to cover some fees (game server and web hosting, domain maintenance). By donating, you can help us in covering these costs as well as show your appreciation for our work. Our aim is to give you the best CS:S experience and we will be happy to continue our mission with more financial support. Together we can do much more!

Each €5.00 (or equivalent in local currency, check rate of exchange) of your donation gives a VIP status for a month (e.g. €15.00 donation gives you VIP for three months). It’s our way to say “Thank you very much for your donation!”. With VIP status you get special privileges on all our servers and forum:

    • ability to use BlooD-VIP tag by membership in +BloodLords+ Donators Steam group
    • slot reservation – you will be able to join the server even if it’s full
    • more sounds to play per round and per map (twice more than regular players)
    • coloured chat messages
    • a set of immunities to server plugins:
      • auto-join restriction – auto-assign not required while joining a team
      • team balancer – teams will be balanced but you’ll be the last person to change the team (in practice it means that you won’t be moved to the opposite team in 99,9% of cases)
      • team swap – admins are not allowed to change your team
      • reserved slot kick – players with slot reservation (like admins, clan members and other donators) won’t kick you from the server while using their reservation
      • voteban and votemute - rest of the players will not be able to mute or ban you by vote
      • SpecTime – ability to stay in spectators as long as you wish without being kicked
    • support forum section specially for donators


All donations are processed by PayPal. To make a donation, fill up the form below. Enter Amount of donation, your SteamID (very important, it is not possible to grant VIP status without your valid SteamID), a Nickname which will appear in donators list and select donation method. Click Donate button to continue. You will be redirected to PayPal or Dotpay site accordingly to selected payment method. Proceed by following instructions provided by those sites.

Donation amount:

As soon as your donation will be transferred to +BloodLords+ account, you will be sent an invitation to +BloodLords+ Donators Steam group. By accepting invite you will get your VIP status. Every donator will be also listed on Hall of Fame page.

There are several ways to contact us in the matter of donations. The recommended is to use clan forum and its dedicated section at http://bloodlords.eu/forum/viewforum.php?f=22 . You have to register if you want to post a message. You can also send us an email on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. . We don’t provide support through IM software (like Steam chat) unless we ask for such contact. Be well and thank you for reading this site :) .

The +BloodLords+ Clan

FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is SteamID and how can I check it?

SteamID is an unique identifier of your Steam account. To find your SteamID read this article http://developer.valvesoftware.com/wiki/SteamID or use http://steamidfinder.com .

2.  I don’t have PayPal account. How can I donate?
You don’t need an account to donate via PayPal by credit card. No credit card - no problem. Creating PayPal account is quick and free. Visit https://www.paypal.com to find more information and create an account. The page is available in many languages and in many countries you can transfer money to PayPal account by traditional bank transfer.

3. How can I use my slot reservation?
As a donator you can always join any of our servers even if it's full. For your convenience, server browser will show you maximum number of players - 1 like 13/14, so you should be able to join a full server even without knowing that you are doing so. However, browser thing is based on IP adresses, so it will not always work if you have a dynamic IP address. To join then, you have to use one of the connect commands shown below:

connect classic-gg.bloodlords.eu:27015
connect reversed-gg.bloodlords.eu:27146
connect random-gg.bloodlords.eu:27035
connect teamplay.bloodlords.eu:27018

Those commands have to be typed in your game console. If you don't know how to enable console, watch this movie.
To toggle game console, press ~ key (it's under ESC). To execute command, press ENTER.

Donation Conditions
Donations are not refundable. Donations are not a service level agreement. While donations are greatly appreciated, there is no guarantee of service or service quality. Any services, either expressed or implied, are provided as a gift only for your convenience. Donations are not tax deductible. Any services provided may be terminated or modified at any time by +BloodLords+, for any reason deemed appropriate, including (but not limited to) violation of rules associated with services.
VIP status doesn’t relieve you from obeying server rules. In case of breaking these rules you will be treated by admins in the same way as a regular player.
As far as any personal information (for example your name or your adress) are send from PayPal or Dotpay to +BloodLords+ in conjunction with donations, this information will not be sold, redistributed or made available to any 3rd party.

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