Welcome to +BloodLords+ GunGame server!
Please visit our web site and give us your opinion about the server. There you can also join community, send administrator/clan requests, use forum, see HLStatsX, SourceBans and more. We also need donations in exchange of VIP status. Click on Donate button below to see more info.
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1. Don't be an asshole.
2. Don't cheat and camp.
3. Listen to Administrators and respect their decisions. Admins list HERE.
4. Don't spam in chat and voice chat, be nice to other players.
5. Don't advertise other servers.
6. No racism and porn sprays!
7. Speak and type ENGLISH ONLY.
8. Try to forgive team kills. Watch your fire, friendly fire is enabled.
9. Co-operate with other players in banning/muting cheaters/teamkillers/idiots. Use voteban/votemute commands.

Any departures from these rules might be punished with kick/mute/ban. If you want to contact us, please visit our site. Happy fragging!